Vari-O-Sonic – CD – 1998

One Million Dollar Records 1998
CD OMD $ 031
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I’ve never known a more sincere group of guys than the members of Velvetone. They are what we call down home types. Pals, buddies, the kind of guys you can hang out with, shoot a game of pool with or just share a beer. The music? No nonsense Rock’n’Roll. Tuff sensual grooves, rumbling bass, big drum beat, twangin‘ edgy guitar with a vocal that can change the mood from a cry to a scream to a soft melancholy whisper. It’s a good vibe. ‚On The Waterfront‘ meets ‚Dirty Harry‘ down the dead end of a lonely street to ‚Thunder road‘ is where the album takes me. Bogart sittin‘ in a smokey bar with John Wayne romancing Patsy Cline in Elvira’s Negligé. The mixture of influences on this record are like a brilliant concoction of your favorite whiskeys and gins with a tequila chaser that puts fire in your soul, thunder in your blood stream and a menacing grin on your kisser. Lights me up man and sends me out under thick black clouds chasing lost purple skies howlin‘ at the moon. That’s what Velvetone is. Now I’m in a mood.

Liner notes by James Intveld

RAY DEVARYO – Vocals, Percussion, Rubboard
TAMMO LÜERS – Guitar, 6-String Bass, Lap Steel Guitar, Farfisa
ANDY MERCK – Electric Bass, Six-String Bass
LARS KÖSTER – Drums, Percussion

STEFF ULRICH – ‚The Hopf‘, Backing Vocals, Percussion

Backing Vocals, Claps’n’Snaps by:
The Sonic Solutions
The Ordinares
The Mu-Mu Dolls
Echo DeVaryo

Recorded on 24-track analogue tape at Sundance Studio, Bremen-Germany, in 1997
Engineered by Steff Ulrich
Mixed by Steff Ulrich,Tammo Lüers & Ray DeVaryo
Mastered at Sundance Studio by Johannes Wähnelt & Steff Ulrich
Produced by Steff Ulrich & Velvetone

Recordings im Sundance Tonstudio:

Lyrics ‚Vari-O-soniC‘