Favoritenserie No.3 – Vinyl-10-Inch-LP – 2008

Favoritenserie No.3 – Vinyl-10-Inch-LP – 2008VELVETONE b/w LIQUID LAUGHTER LOUNGE QUARTET
Favoritenserie No.3
Rhythm Island Records 2008
Track im DOWNLOAD BUNDLE ‚Early & Rare‘


I remember the first time I saw Velvetone burning up the stage ten years ago…

I looked at the room packed with dancing sweating bodies, then my toe started tapping and my hands got to clapping then my shyness was slipping cause them boys was rippin!
Then the heat of the beat overtook me and hooked me and I was dancing too!

They’ll swing you they’ll bop you then they’ll honky tonk you.
They’ll tickle your soul, make you reel till you roll
Serenade you so blue with that sound sweet and true

They’ll roll you they’ll rock you – Look out! They’ll cold-cock you
They’ll get you to shout till you’ve knocked yourself out
What they play you will feel – Nothing but the real deal!

Not much has changed since that night long ago, except my good pals Velvetone have gotten a whole lot more experience, touring with and supporting some of the best Roots Rock acts around, and, I’m proud to say, collaborating with me on my newest musical project, The Rabble Rousers. Oh yeah, they’ve also gotten lots better with every year that has passed since then. If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor: Check ‘em out!

Bill Collins
New Haven, Connecticut
August 2008

‘Pine Cone’ goes out to the Black Forrest Connection – it’s years’n’years ago that we shared stage with the Liquid Laughter Lounge Quartet at a Swamp Room Happening for the first time. More to come…

RAY DEVARYO – Vocals, Percussion
TAMMO LÜERS – Guitars, ‘Erich’ Herrnsdorf Lap Steel Guitar, ‘Uncle Erwin’ Farfisa
ANDY MERCK – Upright Bass & Fender Bass
STEFF ULRICH – Drums, Percussion & Darbuka

Produced by Velvetone & The Zumo Kings
Recorded July 2008 at Palais Aux Étoiles, Bremen-Germany
Mixed & mastered by The Zumo Kings

Alle Tracks:


  1. Block The Clock
  2. Cash Is Gone
  3. Wild Night Out
  4. Pine Cone
  5. No Smoke

Liquid Laughter Lounge Quartet

  1. Dr. No
  2. Tired Of Being Free
  3. Closed For Repair
  4. Atomic Radio