A Swamp Room Happening – 12″-Vinyl LP – 2000

A Swamp Room Happening – 12″-Vinyl LP – 2000

A Swamp Room Happening 2000
Velvetone – Falling Star
Swamp Room Records 2000
Vinyl 12″ LP – SRR 301136
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Falling Star

Wittke / Wittke-Lüers

I sit all alone in my room, I worry and I wonder,
how many stars in the sky could shine there above,
some of these stars up above must have been lovers, long ago
but is there a star just for me that could be my love.

And she comes from the heavens above,
and it seems she falls into my arms,
but i’m too far to catch that falling star.

I sit all alone at the bar drinking and I wonder,
how many times did I fail to get near my star,
so many pretty girls all around me,
but the one that I desire, for me she’s too far.

And she comes from the heavens above,
and it seems she falls into my arms,
but i’m too far to catch that falling star.

I sit all alone in my room I worry and I wonder,
how many years must go by ‚til I find my love,
I searched and I searched to end my heartbreak,
but even if i lie on the ground, my last hope’s above.

ANDY MERCK – Electric Bass

Limited promotional LP for ‚A Swamp Room Happening 2000‘. All songs exclusive studio recordings.
This one houses inside the original festival poster and comes with an insert.

Alle Tracks

Side A

  1. The Bevis Frond – Can’t You Hear My Mind
  2. Mind Kiosk – That Was Then – This Is Now
  3. Velvetone – Falling Star
  4. Joe Bloeck – Transatlantic Love
  5. Alchemysts & Simeon – 21. Century In Car Entertainment Firearm Blues
  6. Liquid Visions – This Ain’t The Summer Of Love
  7. Hal 9000 – Afraid To Be Alone
  8. Hank Ray – Gunsmoke

Side B

  1. Mandra Gora Lightshow Society – Point Me At The Sky
  2. Lucky Bishops, The – We Are Gems
  3. Liquid Laughter Lounge Quartet – Hate You
  4. The Perc Blind Faith
  5. Thee Ultra Bimboos – Pussycat Drive
  6. The Satelliters – My Hack On You
  7. Copy Cocks – Caring Line
  8. Spids Roegenheads – Unknown Track
  9. Solovyev – Endlosloop


Vari-O-Sonic – CD – 1998

Vari-O-Sonic – CD – 1998

One Million Dollar Records 1998
CD OMD $ 031
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I’ve never known a more sincere group of guys than the members of Velvetone. They are what we call down home types. Pals, buddies, the kind of guys you can hang out with, shoot a game of pool with or just share a beer. The music? No nonsense Rock’n’Roll. Tuff sensual grooves, rumbling bass, big drum beat, twangin‘ edgy guitar with a vocal that can change the mood from a cry to a scream to a soft melancholy whisper. It’s a good vibe. ‚On The Waterfront‘ meets ‚Dirty Harry‘ down the dead end of a lonely street to ‚Thunder road‘ is where the album takes me. Bogart sittin‘ in a smokey bar with John Wayne romancing Patsy Cline in Elvira’s Negligé. The mixture of influences on this record are like a brilliant concoction of your favorite whiskeys and gins with a tequila chaser that puts fire in your soul, thunder in your blood stream and a menacing grin on your kisser. Lights me up man and sends me out under thick black clouds chasing lost purple skies howlin‘ at the moon. That’s what Velvetone is. Now I’m in a mood.

Liner notes by James Intveld

RAY DEVARYO – Vocals, Percussion, Rubboard
TAMMO LÜERS – Guitar, 6-String Bass, Lap Steel Guitar, Farfisa
ANDY MERCK – Electric Bass, Six-String Bass
LARS KÖSTER – Drums, Percussion

STEFF ULRICH – ‚The Hopf‘, Backing Vocals, Percussion

Backing Vocals, Claps’n’Snaps by:
The Sonic Solutions
The Ordinares
The Mu-Mu Dolls
Echo DeVaryo

Recorded on 24-track analogue tape at Sundance Studio, Bremen-Germany, in 1997
Engineered by Steff Ulrich
Mixed by Steff Ulrich,Tammo Lüers & Ray DeVaryo
Mastered at Sundance Studio by Johannes Wähnelt & Steff Ulrich
Produced by Steff Ulrich & Velvetone

Recordings im Sundance Tonstudio:

Lyrics ‚Vari-O-soniC‘

Velvetone – Vinyl-10-Inch-LP – 1996

Velvetone – Vinyl-10-Inch-LP – 1996

Bear Family Records 1996
B10 10002 – 10″-Vinyl-LP Ausverkauft!!!
Alle Tracks im DOWNLOAD BUNDLE ‚Early & Rare‘

Side A

  1. Without Love
  2. The Worrying Kind
  3. 13 Women
  4. Red Hot

Side B

  1. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
  2. Bad Boy
  3. Rockabilly Funeral

The first time I saw Velvetone was in November ’95 in Bremen, Germany, which is a long way from my home in California. I kept thinkin‘ to myself „man, do I know these guys?“
An old familiar feeling was pulsing through my veins as their band was layin‘ it down to stay. Yeah, I’ll tell you what it was: it brought me back to the days in ’81, when the Paladins were first takin‘ the road from San Diego out to Phoenix, AZ. It was there we found a vivacious scene of about a dozen or so Rockabilly/Rock’n’Roll bands that resembled a camp of banditos more than the down rite hot players that they were – groups like The Geezers, Colin Winsky, The Varmints and Hellfire.
Velvetone should have been there!
Playin‘ clubs like The Mason Jar, Merlins and The Sun Club, all us bands would turn these trashy little Honky Tonks into a Rock’n’Roll riot. We sang about Cadillacs and owned them too. We’d park ‚em in front of the club, all in a line.
Velvetone would’ve had theirs out there.
The clubs would shut down at 1:00 am, but that didn’t mean the jam was over. We’d all head over to The Hell House and jam till dawn, or till it got over 105°F, which ever came first.
I swear I saw Velvetone there.
One afternoon we were cleaning up after one of those nights. We found so many bottles and cans that we cashed ‚em in and bought a keg of beer and some ice, put it in a shoppping cart, took our acoustics and rambled through the town, singin‘ and playin‘ and quenchin‘ the thirst of a massive crowd on that day in 115°F heat …
Yeah, but that night in Bremen last November… It was snowin‘ outdoors, but I was breakin‘ into a mighty sweat watchin‘ Velvetone bring on that old Rock’n’Roll feeling.

Liner notes by Thomas Yearsley (The Paladins)

RAY DEVARYO – Vocals & Percussion
TAMMO LÜERS – Guitars, 6-String Bass, Lap Steel Guitar, Farfisa Organ
ANDY MERCK – Electric Bass, Rhythm Guitar
LARS KÖSTER – Drums, Percussion

Backing Vocals, Claps’n’Snaps by:
The Ordinares
The Mu-Mu Dolls
Echo DeVaryo

Recorded at Sundance Studio, Bremen-Germany
09/1995 + 02/1996
Engineered by Steff Ulrich
Executive Producers: Tammo Lüers, Ray DeVaryo & Andy Merck
Produced by Velvetone
Vinyl Master by Pauler Acoustics