Cursed (My Senses)

Cursed (My Senses)

Köster / Köster-Lüers-Velvetone

I’ve seen so many things, that take my breath away.
I’m not sure, if there’s something wrong with me,
‚cause I see something, that you don’t see, that drives me insane.
I don’t say nothing, I suffer quietly, burned my mouth too many times.

I close my eyes and stop breathing.
The fire keeps burning, but I start freezing.

Substances give me relief only for a few hours,
but like this I will only get through the next three or four rounds.
Every night is endless, the clock will stop for me.
Whether I am awake or dreaming, the time won’t pass away.

I can’t flee from that, I’ve tried so many times,
I’ve cursed my senses just as many times.
There’s no escape, not on this earth,
I don’t know if I will survive this night.