Don’t Touch Me

Don’t Touch Me

Köster / Köster

Don’t touch me with your hands, don’t touch me with your eyes,
don’t touch me with your words, you’re just tellin‘ me lies.
So don’t block me up, don’t stand in my way,
I’m through with you baby, ’n this is what I say:

Don’t touch me, don’t touch me,
you’d better walk out the door,
I can stand it no more,
and don’t touch me.

I don’t wanna argue, I’ve heard it all before,
leave me alone, I can stand it no more.
I’m going to quit, wanna start something new,
’n there’s only one way, and that’s without you!

Your physical presence is a pain in the ass,
you crashed into my life and left it in a mess.
I’m wondering all day long how I could be so blind,
I’ll cross you out, baby, wanna leave it all behind.