It’s a love affair –

with an aesthetic, a sound, a technique. In short: a distinct musical language.

Years on the road and in studios have let Velvetone mature not only as musicians, but also made them very aware of what they are doing!
This was affirmed by headliners like Wanda Jackson, Willy de Ville, Brian Setzer and Die Ärzte, who invited Velvetone to collaborate or play shows together.

Velvetone are among the most accomplished bands when it comes to digging deeply into the dirty roots of Rock Music to uncover its hidden facets.
Embedded in a sound reminiscent of bands like the similarly eclectic Calexico or Los Lobos, we find tasteful originals and select cover songs, crowned by Ray DeVaryo’s crooning.

Velvetone not only embrace the heritage of rock, but keep developing what they love passionately: Country, Cajun, Rhythm’n’Blues and their common offspring, Rock’n’Roll.

On stage is where Velvetone are really at home.
Here, Ray DeVaryo’s charisma unfolds and the band’s immaculate interplay generates explosive live shows.
It is then that the arcane, dark power emerges, that Velvetone’s archaic, yet timeless Roots Rock exudes.

Andreas Schnell, Oktober 2008


Robert Gordon’s stuff from the 70s was a main influence when it all started.
Link Wray, The Paladins. Calexico and Friends Of Dean Martinez gave us new inspiration.

We give it a try: just play what you like.